Share your Ormond story

Help us celebrate Ormond’s rich history.

Every Ormondian has their own unique experience of College life, and their own story to tell. We are looking for contributions which reflect our values of community, heritage, integrity, learning, diversity and respect, and cover a broad range of topics.

Your story could be specific to an event or moment, or could recall an era in the College’s history or an outstanding Ormondian you would like to recognise. There’s no limit on how long your story can be – it can be a short vignette, or something a little more involved.

If you have any photos to along with your story, we would love to see them.

Where does your story fit in?

What was on the menu? Can you recall what it was like to be amongst the first cohort of women to enter residence at the College? Can you tell us about the origins of a specific Students’ Club tradition such as plate smashing after a rowing victory?

Do you have a memory of a significant sporting victory? Is there a particular dramatic or artistic performance which stands out?

Is there a particular tutor or class which it etched in your memory? Was there a learning program that changed your perspective on a particular topic?

Can you nominate an outstanding Ormondian that has made a significant contribution in life after College? How did your time at Ormond prepare you to make a significant impact in your chosen field or community?

What was your favourite place at Ormond? How was campus different to today?

If you would like to submit your story discuss donating an artefact to the Ormond College Archives, please contact